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The Revellers are an exciting new theatre company based in Perth who are interested in the educational possibilities that theatre offers and how we can bring that to the wider community. Our ultimate goal is to create a catalogue of plays through the adaptation of both classic and contemporary texts which we can then use to develop enriching and engaging theatre experiences. Our hope is to make our productions as inspirational as they are interactive, and to engage with the public and the school community in new and exciting ways.

Our group comprises of individuals (including full-time teachers and university lectures) with a myriad of talents and skills. The Revellers’ ultimate aim is to develop ways to engage with audiences; eventually taking these performances to rural communities. We also hope to foster local talent and allow opportunities within the company for growth and development of skills in areas such as acting, directing and design. We believe that The Arts offers a significant educational benefit for audiences, and the community at large. With this in mind, The Revellers are constantly creating a variety of original pieces from short plays to full-length productions, such as Twenty Questions and Charlie.

The Revellers are aiming to introduce contemporary texts to the next generation, such as Ruby Moon, and classic text, such as Shakespeare. We aspire to create new and unique theatrical experiences that are always developed with our young audiences in mind. Education through the arts is an integral part of our purpose, always with a significant focus upon social inclusion. Our Shakespeare adaptations include The TempestTwelfth Night and Much Ado about Nothing. Through the observations of the social interaction of characters, as well as their consequences, insight into the audience’s own world and environment can be created.