‘Ruby Moon’ is the first foray of The Revellers into a modern day text which provides the challenge of working outside of expectations. Matt Cameron’s script is an intriguing mix of magical realism and the abstract, calling into question what is a construct and what is reality.

The reason we have chosen this show as the first modern day text as a theatre company is because it has such vibrant characters, which are full of soul yet lacking purpose.  Throughout the script of ‘Ruby Moon’ the eight characters are presented to the audience using only two actors, portrayed through the use of voice, movement and props.  This play tests the actors performing in it because the characters vary widely.  From an old religious spinster to a slightly neurotic clown, the actors have to understand each character they are producing.  The characters are the heart and soul of this play.  That’s what makes ‘Ruby Moon’ so special.

The show begins with Ray and Sylvie, a couple frozen in time, surrounded by random bits and pieces of household objects, suspended on nooses. As the journey progresses we realise that each noose contains a clue to the nature of the characters they belong …

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The Revellers offer a selection of different theatrical experiences for public and private audiences. Besides our regular theatre productions (open to the public) we also offer a range of unique booking opportunities.

In 2013, School incursions will begin. These productions have been especially created to link with specific educational outcomes vital to the Curriculum. We also offer a range of post and pre-performance workshops linking important social skills, with drama based activities facilitated by qualified teachers and the actors themselves.

The Revellers are also available for festival appearances, private bookings and a range of other events. The Revellers we have performed at the Armadale Evolution Youth Festival (2012-13) Murdoch Open Day (2012-13) Little Hands Week [Children’s Week event] (2013) and All the World’s a Stage [Senior’s Week event] (2013). These are wonderful events that provided a platform from contemporary plays, self-devised pieces or snippets of Shakespearean-based street performances.

For your future bookings, or tickets to our next show, please contact…

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