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With online shopping and business activity increasing there has been an increase in the demand for forklift operators. Businesses in Melbourne will only hire forklift operators who have a valid licence. Hence many people are interested in getting a forklift licence Victoria , so that they can improve their career opportunities and make more money. The organization responsible for workplace safety in Melbourne, Victoria has stringent criteria for approving licences for operating a forklift, and their assessors will evaluate the competence of the applicants based on their theoretical knowledge and practical skills.

Typically the forklift training course is conducted by experienced trainers who have both practical and theoretical knowledge of the forklift use, legislation. Both experienced and inexperienced individuals above the age of 18 can apply. In some cases, there may be a module before the course, so that the student is familiar with the terms, and is able to understand it better. The training course is usually completed within two days. On the first day of the course, the instructor covers the theoretical aspects of using a forklift like the safety precautions which should be taken. The students will be trained to plan his activities using the forklift, understand the weight carrying capacity.

The licence applicant will be train to check the forklift before using it, assess the risk involved in using the forklift for specific activities so that he can reduce the load accordingly. He will also trained in shutting down the forklift. After the applicant has understood the theoretical aspects thoroughly, he will also trained in the practical aspects of handling the forklift by the experienced trainers. The licence applicant will then have to undergo the prescribed test which assesses his competence for using the forklift. Usually even if the person does not pass the test at the first attempt, he can make multiple attempts.