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The Revellers offer a selection of different theatrical experiences for public and private audiences. Besides our regular theatre productions (open to the public) we also offer a range of unique booking opportunities.

In 2013, School incursions will begin. These productions have been especially created to link with specific educational outcomes vital to the Curriculum. We also offer a range of post and pre-performance workshops linking important social skills, with drama based activities facilitated by qualified teachers and the actors themselves.

The Revellers are also available for festival appearances, private bookings and a range of other events. The Revellers we have performed at the Armadale Evolution Youth Festival (2012-13) Murdoch Open Day (2012-13) Little Hands Week [Children’s Week event] (2013) and All the World’s a Stage [Senior’s Week event] (2013). These are wonderful events that provided a platform from contemporary plays, self-devised pieces or snippets of Shakespearean-based street performances.

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