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In a world where sushi and sashimi is usual, there are different types of food you can find in cities all over the world. In Japan it’s a fairly common sight to see people eating sushi or sashimi but what about other Asian countries?

In Melbourne one place that serves asian cuisine that offers sushi and sashimi dishes is Tokyo Tina.

Tokyo Tina has been described as having an extensive menu with fresh asian dishes to choose from.

The restaurant itself feels like your usual asian restaurant but what makes this place stand out is their use of modern elements such as chrome bar stools and concrete walls giving it a more unique feel inside. Their artwork on the walls was described “modern and minimalistic” it also brings a touch of the asian culture to the restaurant.

Tokyo Tina has perfect reviews and ratings with over 60 people reviewing it and giving it 5 stars out of 5 possible making this place a definite must visit if you like sushi and sashimi. It’s located at 317 Chapel Street, South Yarra VIC 3141 right near the city centre so only a short train ride away from where ever you may live in Melbourne as well as walking from where I live! The staff are friendly and welcoming making our experience even better.

In terms of the food, the cost is definitely worth it for what you get as a meal so their prices aren’t bad at all, with a meal fitting a person starting from under $15. Add ons to your meal can also be purchased such has having another serve of rice or noodles to go with your meal if you wish for a little extra which is lovely but not required by any means as the portion sizes are already huge!

Over all Tokyo Tina’s service was 9/10 as they always checked up on us throughout our meals and were very quick in getting out orders out though they could have been more helpful when we asked questions about some on the menu that we didn’t know the name of as they should try and be more knowledgeable about their products. The meal was also a 10/10 as it fit perfectly with what we expected from a place like Tokyo Tina. We were satisfied from our meals that we received especially for those prices!

I would highly recommend going to this restaurant if you’re in Melbourne as it’s not far from where I live, affordable, has great service and amazing food.

Tokyo Tina is located at 317 Chapel Street South Yarra VIC 3141 Australia however there are other locations so please check your local area before going out of your way to visit this place.